Not sure if Lummei Analytics is right for you? I’ll admit, we provide an unconventional service. But think of us like one of the many companies that you use to perform DNA sequencing or other routine molecular biology tasks. With our expertise and computational resources, we are equipped to perform large-scale analysis efficiently and accurately. This frees up you and your personnel so you canĀ focus on biology, write papers, and apply for funding.

Some examples of analyses Lummei Analytics can perform:

  • De novo assembly of genomes or transcriptomes
  • Reference-based genomic read mapping for variant discovery or polymorphism analysis
  • RNA-seq analysis for transcript quantification
  • Genome annotation using RNA-seq data (we can even build a web-based genome browser for your lab)
  • Creation of databases for more efficient information sharing in your lab

Have a project you don’t see on this list? Contact us for a free consultation.

Project ideas

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